Jan. 21: Dining

Eagle Dining Events

Week of January 21, 2013 

Healthy Mondays:  Eagle Dining wants to promote your health and wellness!  Beginning this week, every Monday we’ll have signs in Seacobeck directing you to a variety of healthy and delicious menu options.  We will especially be highlighting vegetarian and vegan dishes! 

Chopsticks Challenge:  This Wednesday (January 23) at 5 PM we are sponsoring a contest in the Dome Room at Seacobeck to see who can pick up a variety of teeny tiny objects with chopsticks and get them in their collection bucket the fastest.  The winner will receive 2 Free Dine Up Dinners and a Smoothie at Naturally Woodstock!   To enter the contest, sign up with any Eagle Dining cashier by noon on Tuesday, January 22.  Come and show off your mad chopsticks skills!